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Homework Support

Gawura students who wish to receive support with their homework can join the Junior School Homework Centre co-curricular activity which provides access to resources, teachers and extra help in completing homework. Several Gawura families utilise this option to help alleviate the stress of having their children complete homework at home, which usually happens around dinner time. There is a cost associated with attending Homework Club but this is covered for Gawura students by our generous donors.

After School Care

Before and after school is available at no charge to Gawura families who register with the provider, TheirCare, a nationally operated and fully approved before, after and school holiday care operator.

Before school care is offered each day from 6.30am and after-school care operates is run from 3.10pm until 6pm in the rooftop classroom.  TheirCare also have vacation care onsite at SACS in the school holidays, which Gawura students can access at no cost once registered.


Student Wellbeing

The teaching and learning environment is individually and collectively rigorous, mutually respectful and caring. Under this framework the students are positively engaged, confident learners, who are supported in building positive relationships.

This whole child philosophy reflects a holistic approach to the developmental process and recognises health, wellbeing, positive/active lifestyle choices and a growth mindset as foundational to student welfare outcomes. Within Gawura, we want our students to be armed with a toolbox of strategies they can use now and throughout life to not only cope but to flourish and live fulfilling lives. We are passionate about our students not only learning these skills in the classroom, but also embedding wellbeing messages in every area of school and family life. The aim is to keep the language universal so that we are inclusive of all our students.



St Andrew’s is an inclusive school that respects and welcomes students of all faiths. We are also a school founded on principles of Christianity, and enjoy a positive relationship with St Andrew’s Cathedral.

The Chaplaincy Department has two core aims: providing opportunities for students and staff to connect with the Christian faith, as well as opportunities for all students, regardless of their personal faith, to serve the broader community through a range of service learning charitable programs.

We encourage students to think critically and seriously about higher order issues of a philosophical nature. We also want them to develop a deep respect and love for those who think and believe differently to them.


Co-curricular activities

Gawura students join St Andrew’s Cathedral School primary students for all sports and co-curricular activities, including music and outdoor education.

At the beginning of each term, students are invited to enrol in one of more of the many extra curricular activities offered.

Along with the various music ensembles, these activities include: dance classes, cricket, AFL, philosophy club, maths club, fitness fundamentals, chess club, book club, code camp, Theatresports, Christian fellowship and a variety of training afternoons for students involved in Saturday sport competitions like rugby.

Any costs associated with these activities are covered by our donors as part of each student’s scholarship.



St Andrew’s started out more than 130 years ago as a choir school and has carried on that tradition, with the learning of music being very much a part of general school activities. Students receive an hour of classroom music per week by specialist music teachers.

More than 20 Kindergarten to Year 6 Gawura students also have individual tuition with one or more of the numerous vocal or instrumental tutors at SACS. Students who are learning a string, wind or brass instrument are also encouraged to join an ensemble, which supplements and extends the work covered in their individual lessons.

Ensembles and individuals are provided with a range of performance opportunities during the school year, including weekly concerts and our annual Showcase concert at Sydney Town Hall.

Music tuition and instrument hire is covered by our donors as part of each student’s scholarship.

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