Outdoor Education Camp 2020 – Kirrikee

18 March, 2020

Year 6 recently had their outdoor education camp at Kirrikee in the Southern Highlands with their Year 6 buddy class from St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

The first two days were rainy so the planned outdoor activities were amended to cater for the conditions.

Students played games and learned how to pitch a tent which they did get to sleep in on the first night. On the second night the boys slept in the gear shed and the girls slept in the dining hall which was like a great big sleep over!

Students also got to do the rope course and team building games. Mr Ralph was in charge of serving up chicken or ham for the sandwiches for lunch on the second day, the children told us he was very good at it!

Students got visited the Bradman Museum in Bowral where all of Year 6, both Junior School and Gawura School learnt that the very first Australian cricket team to visit England was in fact an Aboriginal team.

We’re proud to be sharing the history of our First Nations people with our non-Indigenous friends.

Sadly there was no hike because of the rain.

On Friday students played a “Game of Life”. They were an animal and had to find food sources to stay alive. If they died they could come back to life by completing a small challenge.  After lunch on Friday just as students were about to leave it fined up and we had a fun outdoor session where the kids could choose between playing music and the dancing or off having fun.

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