Something brand new – orange and blue!

1 December, 2016

There’s something brand new that’s orange and blue and glides swiftly all over town.
It’s cool and it’s slick and it’s remarkably quick at ferrying young people around.
It’s not a boat or even a car  – and it’s certainly not a horse!
It’s not a bike, a tardis or trike – it’s the new Gawura bus of course!

It drives our kids from home to school  – and school to home each day!
It’s no ordinary bus  – and – as you can see, has an important role to play!
So if you spot us here or spot us there, feel free to toot or wave!
We promise we will wave straight back or sing if we feel brave!

So why is it orange and blue?‘ you ask, with a look of utter confusion.
It’s a merging of design and school colours – that was the initial vision.
Just ask Rachel, who, without much fuss, came up with this magnificent wrap!
Gawura on one side, St Andrew’s on the other – you’ve got to be happy with that!

So, how did we source this ‘bus of course’ which sparkles in the sun?
We poured over brochures of many cool buses, finding it hard to settle on one!
But settle on one, the team did manage – after hours of solid debate.
Coaster – no, Rosa – no Coaster – no – STOP – ‘let’s scissors, paper, rock it, mate’!

(ok, the decision wasn’t made quite like that – but it rhymes!)

This beautiful creation would never have happened without special help from our friends,
We are indebted to them, the Mary Alice Foundation, right to the very end.
We feel chuffed and proud of our bus newly found, which sleeps in the car park below.
We will treasure it greatly, keep it tidy and safely – please come and say hello!

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