Volunteers: ASX – A Super Xchange!

1 March, 2012

Gawura Community renames ASX: ‘Australian Securites Exchange’ to ‘A Super Xchange’!
Almost eighteen months ago, the ASX and Gawura joined forces to create the ASX-Gawura Volunteers Programme.  In that time, Gawura has seen in excess of 20 dedicated ASX staff, volunteer their time to read with our Year 3 – 6 Gawura students, three days a week from 8.45 to 9.30am.

The program evolved out of Gawura’s need for volunteer readers and the ASX desire to encourage staff to volunteer for worthy causes by offering the equivalent of a days leave to dedicate to this purpose.  The two needs were perfectly matched and a blossoming relationship unfolded.

Our CBD neighbours are well placed to pop up to Gawura for an hour in the morning before work either by train or walking. We have eight volunteers for Term 1, 2012, which commenced on  31 January and finishes on 4 April,  at which point a new group of volunteers will descend on Gawura for Term 2 later in April. Gawura remains in the hearts of most of our volunteers and some are able to negotiate with their individual bosses to continue volunteering for an extra term!

David North, Head of Gawura “You cannot underestimate the value to students of volunteers who oversee their reading on a regular basis. The improvement in the students’ focus and concentration is highly evident to all the staff’. We hope the volunteers get as much out of the process as the students and we thank them for their commitment”. We hope the Volunteer Reading Programme lasts for many years to come!

We asked the ASX staff to give us their thoughts on volunteering at Gawura:

“Volunteering at Gawura is a personally rewarding experience. I enjoy the sense of giving back to the community and the children who attend Gawura are such worthy recipients.  They are so willing and enthusiastic in their reading tasks and knowing that listening to children read can provide so many educational benefits, makes it so worthwhile.” Sue Lumb, ASX Volunteer.

“I find the whole experience coming to Gawura on a Thursday very up lifting and rewarding. The unique nature of Gawura being within St Andrew’s makes it very special to be a part of. The children are always enthusiastic and it is a pleasure to sit with them and listen to them read”. Barbara Chapman, ASX Volunteer.

ASX is also supporting a scholarship within our Gawura Secondary ‘Middle School’ program which they have done for the last two years.

We are eternally grateful to the Super Xchange and thank them for their passion for our Gawura programme.


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