Book Week donations and dress-ups

22 September, 2021

Books help brighten everyone’s day and can transport us to magical places. Reading is such a focus in Gawura and so many of our wonderful supporters come in each week to volunteer with students and listen to them read.

When the lockdown was be extended beyond the first few weeks we started to worry about students not having access to the usual wonderful supply of books that we have in the Gawura classrooms and library.

So we were absolutely delighted and incredibly grateful to receive support from our corporate partners Origin and the generous donors who gave money so that we could buy books for students to read at home.

Each student was gifted a $60 gift voucher this term to spend on books, and will receive the same next month.

Balan from year 6 chose ‘The First Scientist,’ ‘We are Wolves’ and ‘The Book of Chance’. Bokhara from year 1 got ‘Baby Business’, Talaara from year 4 received ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and Leroy from Kindergarten was delighted with ‘Pig the Monster’ and ‘Share your Smile’.

Even though we didn’t get to hold the usual Book Week parade the students still got to dress up and talk about their favourite reads over the screens with their teachers and friends.

What was your favourite book as a child? Why not share on our Facebook Page.

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