Reading volunteers are back.

We had a long 13 months waiting to have our much loved reading volunteers back in Gawura and reading commenced this term

We thank staff from ANZ, Baker McKenzie, Ethical Partners, We Work and Origin for giving up their time to help students each week.  Thank you also to our lovely ‘Thursday Ladies’, SACS parents and the other Gawura supporters who come in to help students with their literacy.

Reading is on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am to 8:30am.  We have enough helpers for term 2 but will be looing for volunteers again in July.

If you’re interested in helping our students once a week, please contact Sandra duToit ( Email Sandra here )  Sandra looks after the paperwork and WWCC enquiries, and Catherine Gunning ( Email Catherine here ) can help you with any other questions. Ph: 9009 5465

Gawura Application for Volunteering

Thank you and we can’t wait to welcome you.

For volunteers who are reading with students  . . . .tips for reading volunteers
Please sign in at the SACS Reception. Write your name in the special Gawura reading book, and get a Visitors badge. Take the lift up to level 7 and if you’re struggling to get into a lift please let the staff member on duty know you are there to volunteer.

Walk around to Gawura, grab your name tag and tick your name off on the volunteer roster.
Our wonderful Gawura teachers will assign you a child to read with and they’ll direct to a good place to sit, or let the kids decide.

When reading we ask you to please do the following:
• Pause
• Prompt
• Praise

If the child doesn’t know the word – let them try to work it out, then give them a hint by breaking it down and then praise a job well done. You can ask a question or two about what they’ve read or just read them read their books.  Then let the staff know you are free to read with someone else.

We thank you for your support and help.