We went out to the SACS community and Gawura’s donors and are so grateful to everyone who opened their hearts and donated much needed funds to our 2021 fundraising event.  We raised enough to pay for two Dr John Gawura Scholarships.

The first scholarship will be awarded to a current year 6 student who starts high school in 2022 and will fund their education right through to year 12, including cultural learning and activities, co-curricular activities, the support of a full time mentor, all excursions and camps, uniforms, textbooks, IT resources and additional necessities as required. The second scholarship will fully fund a student starting high school in 2023.

All Gawura students are offered a high school scholarship at St Andrew’s Cathedral School which are paid for by donors, foundations and corporates. Students can then remain in a familiar environment and complete their education where they feel culturally safe. Once Gawura students complete Year 6 government funding drops from 85% to 5%. We look to the whole community to step in and every year kind donors make this possible.

As a tribute to Dr Collier, who was in his final year as the Head of School, these two scholarships are the community’s thank you for such a significant contribution to the education of First Nations students.