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Please consider donating each month to help Gawura so we can continue our work. $1.60 per day can make such a difference and can give our students choice.

“For some time, I have felt that the secret to breaking the cycle of disadvantage of Aboriginal people is to find a way for everyone to be an equal part of Australian society. Giving Aboriginal children a good education is the way to do this. Charles Perkins was the first Aboriginal graduate of Sydney University at the time I was there. He was a very inspiring and influential person.”

Right now only one quarter of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people completed year 12.  Only 0.8% of teachers in secondary schools in Australia are First Nations peoples.

When we opened in 2007, Gawura was the first 100% Indigenous primary school in the Australia Independent sector. Students start in Gawura in Kindergarten and when they finish year 6 they’re offered a place at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. This means children can stay in the same school with their friends from Kindergarten until year 12.

94% of secondary student costs are funded by donors.

If you can give $50 per month, and if 49 other people do the same, that will cover one student’s education at St Andrew’s Cathedral School for a year.

We know there are social and structural barriers to education in Australia. The Australian education system has not catered to the needs of First Nations children. Gawura is tackling those structural issues, making children feel culturally safe and, most importantly, proud of their background and heritage.

Donors like you give to ensure students have access to education and to all of the activities and opportunities at St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

The issues facing First Nations people can seem overwhelming. Change starts with education. Education gives choice.

To donate monthly to Gawura click here