Donate to Gawura

Your tax-deductible donation will help us provide the life-changing gift of a quality education for our Gawura students.  Your donation towards scholarships, music tours, sports equipment, uniforms, excursions and mentors will enable Gawura to continue to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and boys with educational opportunities upon which they can build the rest of their lives – more children, more role models, a stronger culture and sustainability of Gawura well into the future.

For further information please contact Catherine Gunning on (02) 9009 5465.

One Off

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Sponsor a day

Choose a day in the calendar year that means something special to you, and you can sponsor that day. Sponsorships are for a 12-month period or longer. The sponsorship of your special day costs $365 for the year – just one dollar a day. All donations are tax deductible.

For further information about our Sponsor a day initiative, please complete the contact form below:

Leave a bequest

You can choose to contribute financially, beyond your lifetime to enhance opportunities for future generations of Gawura students.

A bequest may be unrestricted or designated for a particular use. Ways of making a bequest include a sum of money, a percentage of your estate or a specific asset. Every bequest will ensure that our dream to see our children go all the way from Kindergarten to university happens.

For further information about our Bequest Program, please complete the contact form below:

Workplace giving

Workplace giving allows employees to make regular charitable donations from their pre-tax pay through your employer’s payroll system.

Why participate in workplace giving?

Convenient: workplace giving eliminates the need for employees to collect receipts or wait until the end of the year to claim a tax refund.

Cost effective: giving from pre-tax income means donations cost employees less, while charities like us receive the full benefit of their donation.

Collaborative: workplace giving is unique in its ability to bring together employees, employers and the charities they choose to support. When employees and employers combine their donations, workplace giving is living proof that small change can make a big difference and deliver significant benefits to the community.

Add Gawura to your workplace giving program

Workplace giving is one of the most cost effective and impactful ways to donate. If your organisation currently has a workplace giving program, please consider recommending Gawura if it is not already on your list.

For further information about our workplace giving program, please complete the form below or call Catherine Gunning on (02) 9009 5465:


We invite you to give the Gift of Education to our Indigenous students.

Here is how you can get involved and raise vital funds for our Gawura students:

  • Set yourself a financial target
  • Pick or create an event with friends, colleagues or simply do it yourself
  • Create a fundraising page through GoFundraise or Every Day Hero

Take the next step on your fundraiser journey and start today!

Gawura Merchandise


We have a selection of Gawura merchandise for sale, all of which are extremely useful and which can make beautiful or practical gifts:

  • Gawura umbrella – beautifully painted artwork (by Gawura student, Riley, when he was in Year 4) on the underside of a plain black umbrella with the Gawura logo. $50.00
  • Smartphone wallets – put on the back of your smartphone and store your opal card/credit card – $15.00
  • Colourful Gawura pens – $3.00
  • Good quality, eco-style, BPA free, double wall stainless cold vacuum sports/hydration bottles – be prepared for that next sporting event or simply place it on your desk and hydrate each and every day! $30.00

To make a purchase, please contact Catherine Gunning via email or call (02) 9286 9500.


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