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Donate to Gawura

Izak has been a Gawura student for the last 12 years. In fact, he is the very first student to have been with us from kindy right through to year 7. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of generous donors like you.

Currently only 65% of Indigenous Australian students complete high school – 20% less than their non-Indigenous peers.

With your help we can change that.

By supporting students like Isak you will not only be providing them with access to a great education, you are also creating a wider change. Izak is a great inspiration to our younger students and his progress is making waves in his family and community – proving that the odds can be beaten.

How Can You Help?

$206 – School lunches and emergency food – Lunch can be forgotten or family difficulties can mean that they are sometimes unable to provide a nutritious lunch. Your donation provides 1 year of emergency lunches.

$400 – On Country excursion – You can send a student On Country, enabling them to engage and immerse themselves in culture and language which significantly improves their educational outcomes.

$600 – Student IT Needs – Many of our Gawura students do not have an iPad, laptop or WiFi at home making homework and study difficult to complete. You can make sure they have all the equipment needed for school.

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