Your support is more important now than ever before

Please give if you can

The global pandemic has affected all of us. But, the impact has not been felt evenly across our nation. As is often the case, it is those who have least that suffer the most.

Many of our students come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and their families were struggling before the pandemic struck.

Now, they need your help more than ever.

With your support, we can ensure that their education does not suffer. And, by giving them the best education possible you are also setting them up for the bright future that every child deserves.

If you are in a position to give, we greatly appreciate every donation.

$90 can keep one student in the Junior School Homework Club for one term

$206 will provide 1 year of emergency lunches

$480 can send two children on cultural trips for a year

$770 can provide speech therapy for a child for one term

$1400 will pay for a child’s complete school uniform

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