You Can Change A Child’s Life

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At Gawura our goal is to nurture children who have Hearts that Love, Minds that Grow and Lives that Give.

Can you imagine any of these bright little children not completing their HSC?

We know that high school completion rates for First Nations children are below those of other Australian students. This can have a huge impact on the rest of their lives; making them less likely to be employed or own their own home. It contributes to poorer mental and physical health and higher suicide rates than their non-Indigenous peers.

With you on their side that doesn’t have to happen.

At Gawura, we don’t just focus on academic success, we also make sure our children are healthy, supported and have a strong cultural connection, which has been demonstrated to improve mental and physical health.

Your gift will help set our students on the path to a bright future – a chance that every child deserves.

$ 206 will provide 1 year of emergency lunches

$240 can send one child on cultural trips for a year

$770 can provide speech therapy for a child for one term

$1400 will pay for a child’s complete school uniform

$3000 gives one child the opportunity to go On Country in 2020

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