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Ways your organisation can support Gawura

Support Gawura Scholarship students today

The full cost of educating one Gawura secondary student within St Andrew’s Cathedral School for 12 months is $40,000.

Gawura scholarships give students the opportunity to attend one school from Kindergarten to Year 12. We start to prepare students for their transition into secondary school right from Kindergarten through their ‘buddy class’ in the St Andrew’s Cathedral Junior School where they learn with their friends and peers.  Students attend all camps and excursions with their ‘buddy class’ and during play time we encourage a wide circle of friendship.

Secondary students have the support of a full time Aboriginal Education Mentor to help during class time, with cultural learning and with any social, emotional or family issues they may be experiencing.  Our secondary mentor also runs Homework Club three times a week and a tutoring company give free tutoring to Gawura Scholarship students after school.  We also have the support of mentors from the community and this is something corporate partners are also involved in.


 Gawura currently has over 220 volunteers from corporate partners and the St Andrew’s Cathedral School community who help in various way.

  1. Morning reading. The Gawura reading programme runs every day from 8am.  It is a lovely way for volunteers to start the day – spending 30 minutes with Gawura students and giving them guidance on their reading, which has a huge impact on literacy levels.

From Mrs Jane Price, teacher, Gawura Kindergarten: “the reading programme is the most important part of our day and needs to be taken very seriously. It is the main thing that gets us our good results. Reading impacts everything even maths. If you take too long to read the question, you have less time to solve the problem.”

(Adam Goodes, Go Foundation supporters of Gawura)


  1. Delivering groceries each week to Gawura families. Every week The One Box donate 14 hampers for Gawura families and these are delivered by volunteers.  We have a roster and people on the roster deliver groceries once every two months.


  1. Mentoring and homework support. Corporate partners and others provide assistance after school to Gawura scholarship students.  This can be with maths or English homework for example.  We also have volunteer mentors who listen to students and provide help when needed with larger issues.


  1. Helping at Gawura events and with other school needs. Gawura can only operate with the support of the community.  Recently 12 people came to the school on a Saturday to sew costumes and make craft for the NAIDOC assembly.



Sponsor a Gawura project or donate to cover the needs of our students

The following are examples of sponsorship opportunities that organisations and individuals can help Gawura cover so that our students can take every opportunity offered to them:

  • $250 pays for one student’s music tuition for a term.
  • $1,400 covers the cost of a student’s uniform in Kindy. Students will use this uniform for a few years.
  • $45,000 will pay for every student in Gawura (Year 1 to Year 6) to have music lessons for one year

Matching gifts

At many organisations employees select charities they would their employer will donate to after they have made an initial donation. Matching gifts double the impact of the donation to Gawura and mean we can do even more to help our students.

Monthly donations (with the option of the organisation matching these)

We encourage all donors to give monthly to support Gawura, because it is one of most cost-effective ways to donate.  This could be through your workplace giving program or individually. A regular gift over a long period of time stacks up in terms of total impact of dollars given, and doesn’t feel like such a big sacrifice all at once. Predictable support allows Gawura to plan out our programs for students each term.

Fundraise for us

Supporters can set up a CrowdRaise page so your friends know you support Gawura and they can donate too, as an individual or through their organisation. You can run, cycle or swim for Gawura.  You can fund our life-changing work while you get fit and do something you love.

Your organisation could hold an event for Gawura & donate the proceeds.  We are grateful for any donations to help our students.

Gifts in kind

There are so many things our students don’t have which can be donated by supporters. We have had organisations give computers, iPads & bikes, whilst others have held special lunches or morning teas for our students to give them experiences of dining out they otherwise might not have.

Employment and career paths

We are always looking for employers who are willing to share information about their profession with our secondary students and are we encourage people to come in and talk to our students and possibly provide career advice, study and employment opportunities.

Please contact Marita Cranwell at to find out more or call her on (02) 9286 9500.

Corporate Partners – thank you!