Izak is assembly with his didjeridoo, he is the first Gawura pupil to study medicine.

Gawura’s First Medicine Student

28 January, 2020

I’m sure you all remember Izak, he made us all so proud in his time at Gawura.

His list of achievements is quite incredible and it just keeps on growing!

He’s the first Gawura student to be with us all the way from Kindy to Year 12, he’s had the honour of playing the didjeridoo in front of Royalty in England, he’s been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and now he’s the first Gawura pupil to be accepted into Medicine at university.

Izak tells us that in his first term they will focus on diabetes, embryology and epidemiology.

And, before he starts at UNSW he’s already learning about medicine as an intern with the Heart Foundation which he’s really enjoying.

Izak tells us he’s really excited about starting his studies and who can blame him.

We’re all sure that he will excel and make us all very proud.

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