Growing Little Minds

16 July, 2020

Last month Gawura students were delighted to see Mrs Alice Peel. Alice taught in Gawura but left the end of 2016 to start her own student wellbeing program called Grow Your Mind, which is now presented across 300 primary schools throughout Australia.

Her podcasts are created by children for children around mental health issues and resilience.

The Grow Your Mind PodcastOur Stage 3 Gawura class was very happy to see Alice and talk about her life and her new work.  They participated in a podcast on the topic of racism.  If you listen to the end the Gawura students will read you a story by Gregg Dreise, Kamilaroi and Euahlayi Man, Silly Birds about Maliyan, a proud eagle and Wagan, a turkey.

Congratulations to everyone involved, especially Gawura 5/6 for such wise words.

Click here to listen to the podcast in full.

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