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Watch Izak talk about his family

Izak is finishing high school this year.  He is the first student to have started at Gawura in kindy and gone right through to year 12.

Izak’s family are from the Ngarrindjerri & the Pitjantjara Nations.  Izak is in year 12 this year at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. A generous family have paid his school fees right through high school.  He will graduate in four short months.

Izak hopes to study medicine next year so that he can give back to his community.

He has matured into a wise and generous student who gives so much to other Indigenous students and to the wider school.  He is the embodiment of reconciliation, just like his Great, Great Great Grandfather, David Uniapon the preacher and inventor who we see every day on the $50 note.

Izak’s brother Ivor was the first Gawura student to complete year 12.  He is now doing a double degree at university.

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Izak is finishing high school

Gawura changes lives

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