Gawura Graduates

Georgia and Rachel are Wailwan Women from the Gomeroi Nation.  They left SACS in 2015, after starting when Gawura opened in 2007.

Rachel is currently studying a Bachelor of Law/Arts at the University of Sydney. Rachel has worked as intern at Terri Janke, an Indigenous IP Law firm and will complete her degree at the end of the year. Rachel hopes to work in the Indigenous Community after her graduation.

Georgia has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) at the University of Sydney and this year started a PhD at ACU in Aboriginal Education and Positive Psychology. Georgia is the first Gawura student to commence a PhD.

Graduates like Georgia and Rachel give us so much happiness and hope.

Both make themselves available to help Gawura, they have visit our students to inspire them and help with career opportunities for high school students.

As does Kas, the student pictured below who is the first Gawura graduate to be accepted to Oxford.  Kas will commence at Oxford University in September to study a Master of Science in Clinical Embryology.