Remote Learning Tips – What to Do and What Not to Do

30 April, 2020

Covid-19 has changed life for everyone and our students at Gawura are no exception. We’re all extremely proud of the way they have adapted to learning from home. In an effort to support each other as well as all the other students across Australia and beyond they’ve put together their tops tips on remote learning.

Create Your Own Workspace

It is a good idea to find a good place to work. You will need to find somewhere quiet so you can concentrate and listen to your online lessons, but I also found it nice to be in our family room so that I was with my parents and didn’t get lonely and they could see what I was doing and help when I needed it.  – Mahé

Some things that you should prepare in your work space include stationary, books to write on, a nice, big table and whichever device you use to find the instructions (Surface Pro, mobile etc). – Emily 

You should bring headphones when you are in a space where there are other people around you. Bridie 

Make a Timetable

What I have learnt from being a remote learner is to make sure you have a schedule to plan out your day or else it will be insanity.  Silas

The biggest lesson I have learnt is how to schedule my day to make sure there is time for breaks.  Lachlan

The biggest lesson I have learnt in this past fortnight was how to manage my time. Even though I haven’t perfected doing it, I know I can still improve to a higher standard. – Isaac

A tip to remote learning is that you should not underestimate how long it will take to finish certain subjects and always give yourself five minutes more than you need to finish each subject. You can prepare for remote learning by getting more familiar with how to solve technical issues. – Lachlan 

It is a good idea to keep track on how long you have spent on each task and send this to your teacher. At the beginning I was trying to smash through all the tasks to finish quickly, but I found it was better to take my time and do everything as well as I could. – Mahé  

The biggest lesson I learnt as a remote learner was that I do not have to work fast but carefully. Daniel 

Start With Your Toughest Task

You can do the hard work first and easy work later. – Hiro

Always do the hard work first, have a positive outlook, enjoy the catch-ups and get involved in the conversation because it will make you happy and it helps others to get involved too, stay healthy, eat properly, drink plenty of water. – Adam

Try Your Best

The biggest lesson I learnt was that just try your best and never give up, but know your limits, and end the day with happiness. – Alizah

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is give everything 110% and do your best in all subjects. Silas

The biggest lesson I learned in the last fortnight was to always take time and try my best, whether it is difficult or a very long task. – David

Be Honest

It is important to be honest with your teacher and let them know how you are going, I found it quite daunting at the beginning, but my teacher helped when I explained how I was feeling. It is super important to take regular breaks as if you were at school. Initially I was not doing this, and I found that by the afternoon I struggled to keep going. It is also a good idea to mix up your day between screen time and written work. Make sure you have a good run around in between working, preferably outside in the garden or if you have an adult to go with you. – Mahé   

Siddy Sums It Up

According to me, to be a good remote learner you need to be curious and focused to complete your daily tasks.

Get ready it’s lots of fun, same as school. Plan your timetables, set up a work space and desk, prepare to work on screen time, try Mathletics or Studyladder few times before school starts and keep all your stationery and books ready.

Some tips and tricks that I have are plan your timetable, keep a neat desk, take short breaks, walk around, do calming activities, prioritise your work, ask parents for help if there is a need. Remember, it is school, you can take breaks but don’t get distracted by your toys.



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