Stronger Smarter – Yes We Are !

4 May, 2021

During the first week of term John Ralph, Brad Swibel (Acting Head of St Andrew’s Cathedral School – SACS), Lavinia Williams our Kindergarten teacher and the SACS Head of Strategy, Jackie Isenegger attended the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program.

Developed by Professor Chris Sarra, who was the first Indigenous Principal of Cherbourg State School in Queensland, the program is based around raising the expectations for First Nations students to support their success.  Their principles are to acknowledge, embrace and develop a positive sense of identity across the school. This starts in the school’s leadership and we carry those high expectations through to every interaction in the classroom.

We know that Gawura are SACS are doing a great job but there’s always room to improve. This program empowers teachers and school staff to address issues in innovative ways and to change their thinking – not to change the student.

Because the program was held in our building, the other participants who were from schools all over NSW got to come in to meet the Gawura children on Friday morning.

All attendees who did this with our staff are participants of the Waratah Project, funded by the Association of Independent Schools.  Gawura School is a Hub School for this year long project, to see how we are can all improve educational outcomes for Indigenous students together by sharing ideas and working together.

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