Teaching Indigenous Languages. Our Wiradjuri teacher Ms Carr-Smith

16 July, 2019

Leanna Carr-Smith is our Indigenous Languages teacher at Gawura. But she doesn’t just teach the 32 Gawura pupils, she also shares her knowledge with over 300 students in the Junior School.

Learning an Indigenous language can have profound benefits for pupils both in and out of school. Sadly, in Australia we are behind other countries like Canada and New Zealand when it comes to teaching our Indigenous languages in schools.

At Gawura we are leading the way and are proud to have Ms Carr-Smith as part of our team, the children absolutely love learning Wiradjuri with her.

SBS recently aired a story on the importance of learning Indigenous languages and you can meet some of the children and Ms Leanna in this short video.


Learning an Indigenous Language
Ms Leanna teaches Indigenous Language at Gawura in Sydney.


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