The Kids Snap Up Jesinta’s New Book

14 October, 2020

This month we were delighted to receive another visit from one of our favourite friends – Jesinta Franklin.

Jesinta is such a talented and generous woman – she’s a former Miss Universe Australia, model, TV host and now an author as well!

Jesinta has written a new children’s book called ‘The Grumpy Little Crocodile’ which features Yothi, a little crocodile who is upset that he looks different to everyone else. The book is wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated and contains very important messages about inclusion and multi-culturalism so of course struck a chord with everyone here at Gawura.

The children were all so happy when Jesinta very kindly gave a book to each Gawura student – thank you Jesinta!

Jesinta has just returned to work after having her first baby so we all got to hear about her sweet little daughter.

She also passed on her husband’s wishes to everyone in Gawura.  Jesinta’s husband is Noongar man, Sydney Swans player, Lance “Buddy” Franklin who has been in the AFL bubble but was injured and unable to play for weeks – hopefully next season is much better one for you Buddy.

And, as always, Jesinta brings a lot of fun to Gawura when she visits as you can see from the photo below.

We look forward to seeing Jesinta again soon and wish her and her family all the best.

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