The Only Way Is Down?

4 November, 2019

We are always encouraging our students to reach for new heights, but for some lucky students their biggest challenge was facing their fears and heading backwards down a cliff!

That’s right our year 4 and 5 students had an amazing time abseiling during Camp in the beautiful Kirikee in the Southern Highlands. It was a great opportunity for the children to test their bravery, skills and trust in a wonderful setting. As well as the abseiling the students also went on a night walk to learn about different constellations, scavenger hunt in the bush and even cooked damper on an open fire! Here’s what some of the students had to say about it:

Joylara: “Sleeping in the tent with my friend was the best part of the camp. I also loved the ice-cream.”

Sonny: “The night walk was fun because we got to see the constellations in the sky. We saw Scorpio and that was amazing.”

And year 5 teacher Miss McGrath summed up the camp nicely:

“Year 5 had a wonderful time at Kirikee. It was a joy to see the class forming friendships with students outside of Gawura, as well as growing their friendships with each other. We had lots of fun, with some challenges thrown in along the way. Building and racing billy carts was a highlight, and we all enjoyed spending time outside.  Some of the students conquered fears while abseiling.”


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