Zac Williams Catches Up With the Kids

16 July, 2020

Just before the AFL season started the Gawura students caught up with their favourite GWS Giants player, Wiradjuri Man, Zac Williams.  Zac played in the 2019 grand final and talked to the students about what it’s like to play footy in front of more than 100,000 people.

Zac talked to the kids about some of the precautions we all need to take to stay healthy.

He said he’s so happy to back on the field and talked to the kids about how much he missed his mates during the lockdown and when footy stopped.  He said he and the team couldn’t wait to get back to playing – which they are now.  We hope they win a few more games soon!

Thank you Zac, the children love talking to you and you are a great source of inspiration to them.

Zac Williams

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