Podcast about Gawura

14 October, 2020

Listen here Building Blocks of Change.

When do you most like to listen to podcasts? Do you listen to them to be entertained or educated?

Well, the next time you feel like some fun and learning all about Gawura we recommend you take a listen to Building Blocks of Change.

This podcast gives you the opportunity to spend some time with Head of Gawura John Ralph, Gawura Founder Pastor Ray Minniecon, Lavinia Williams & Phillip Heath to hear more about how and why Gawura was established.

Lavinia, our year 1 & 2 teacher, talks about her quest for identity in her youth and the ways we help students on their own search.  We strive to make a difference to each child through truth telling, knowledge sharing and the cultural safety that is Gawura.

In the podcast, Pastor Ray quotes our wonderful graduate Kas who now is studying at Oxford who said to him a few years ago, ‘Education is about choice.’ and you also get to hear from another of our favourite former pupils Izak.

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